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Here’s the deal: If you are a free subscriber you’ll get an occasional email in your inbox from me. They’ll usually come every other week- sometimes more frequently, sometimes less. They’re about white people and what it might actually take for us to become true partners in building a better world. In the most limited sense, it’s a newsletter about anti-racism, but it doesn’t stop there. The question I’m really interested in is how a group of people who’ve been (a). given a whole bunch of power and (b). who have been taught that they really only need to take care of ourselves can learn things like community and collective care and interdependence.

Paid subscribers get all that, plus a few more things:

  1. The ability to financially support something that they care about and find valuable, which is very cool and much appreciated.

  2. A weekly (private) discussion thread with thoughtful people who care about building a better world (and who often talk about that but sometimes trade recipes and share photos of weird landmarks in their hometowns).

  3. Occasional shorter, more informal newsletters from me about things that are on my mind [potential topics include: pop culture (and Whiteness in pop culture), organizing stories from throughout history, things I recommend, ideas that I’d like to process out loud in community, etc.].

  4. Oh, and there’s a whole “pledge drive” membership level (because I also run a nonprofit called the Barnraisers Project, which trains organizers across the country and we have cool merchandise- sweatshirts and tote bags and such). For folks who can chip in more, I’ll send you some of that stuff.

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By the way, if any of that stuff above about “occasional additional newsletters” and “access to weekly discussion threads” is of interest to you, but you don’t have the cash for a subscription, just toss me an email and i’m happy to help you out.

Regardless of what tier you join in on: The emails are often long but some of the jokes are decent. They could definitely use an editor but people seem to find them helpful. It’s fun when people write back and share stuff that they’re thinking about/working on with me as well.

Oh, and about me: I used to work in education nonprofits but now I don’t. Instead I do organizing for the common good in majority-white communities. You’ll hear about that a bit more if you subscribe (or, if you really can’t wait, feel free to head over to https:/barnraisersproject.org and check out our work there). I’m from Montana but live in Milwaukee. I have two kids, too many unread books and a CPAP machine.