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Love the Gin Blossoms & that excellent album (RIP Doug Hopkins). Blake Masters should have been a client in The Rehearsal--or maybe he is and these are the outtakes? (And you may tell yourself, "This is not my beautiful house" And you may tell yourself, "This is not my beautiful wife"). What's up with fancy wine fridge in the kitchen ad and why isn't his wife imbibing--oh, because she's too busy to-ing and fro-ing with her zucchini slices. Thanks for giving me some laughs today Garrett!

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I absolutely do not want to give this ghoul any views on his posts so I really enjoyed the play-by-play of these! But what's your favourite version of "Ceremony"??

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So great, as always, Garrett.

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This put a key puzzle piece into one of my many still unfinished mental puzzles: “the smallest, most fearful parts of our psyche (which, of course, are present in all of us but especially those of us reared in systems of power and privilege)”

I remember in 2016 reading one of those briefly ubiquitous “why our country is broken, explained by SCIENCE” articles, which was about research that found the only consistent psychological difference between republicans and democrats was that conservatives were more scared, in general.

In retrospect this was an oddly context-free way of looking at fear, but at the time I remember thinking “hang on, of all the groups in America that live under actual threat of physical harm, none of them are known for voting republican, so it seems weird that this supposed effect is negated if your fears are well-founded!

Anyway that said in my brain for the past six years until that line brought it all back. I’d be very curious about the intellectual hinterland that lies behind that parenthetical remark because it feels important.

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