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"a genuine sense-of-gratitude that they’ve been drawn to this work and an earnest desire to build the kind of relationship that we both might value enough to return to over the long haul. " Thanks for sharing all of that information and inspiration. This was such a great read, Garrett!

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This is so important. We need regular reminders that just because the change doesn’t happen fast and for us, doesn’t mean the fight isn’t worthwhile. It does mean that everyone’s contributions are that much more urgent. 💪💗

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I just love the image of extending the chain a little farther.

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I see the parallels you're talking about between AOC’s Words and MLK’s.

I’m trying to not hold them up as just “movement people.” I’m trying to remember that King didn’t want to be a Martyr. He was 39 when he was murdered. He wanted to be a husband and father and preacher etc. Ocasio-Cortez is 31. She’s just getting started in her political career, if she keeps going. She could’ve been physically harmed/killed on the sixth and is suffering with ptsd from it now.

It feels tokenizing to me hold them up and put this mantle of “movement people.” Harm against BBIPOC shouldn’t be normal or the price to pay to be a movement person.

They shouldn’t have to fight like this. They shouldn’t have to bear these burdens. I’m trying not to get used to the idea of these idolized hero’s.

I couldn’t get past that with this writing.

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Thank you, this is really beautiful & really important. Anne Helen Peterson's newsletter pointed me here, and I'm so glad it did.

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