WEEKLY COMMUNITY DISCUSSION: What is your earliest political/current events memory?Hey all! I don’t think this one needs a ton of context. Basically, I would love to hear your earliest memory of being aware of a big political m…
Reflections on politics and parenthood
WEEKLY COMMUNITY DISCUSSION: Let's be prophets!My almost-ten-year-old is really into the idea of prophecies. I know exactly where it comes from (the never-ending series of books he loves abou…
Twenty years in the life of a beautiful, holy, Sisyphean choice
WEEKLY COMMUNITY DISCUSSION: Our stories about songs I’ve never been particularly subtle about how much I think about music (nobody is asking for a “song of the week” at the end of already-long new…
One, Two, Three... Turn It Up
What's Whiter than the Oscars? This newsletter!
WEEKLY COMMUNITY DISCUSSION: Let's share stories about good intergenerational spaces!Hey you all, last night I went to a Bruce Springsteen show and, well, I am sorry to report the following… I WON’T actually go on a Bruce related…
Some questions for parents (especially White parents) in this moment when hate and division is being proffered in our name
WEEKLY COMMUNITY DISCUSSION: We're talking about pop culture from the past (*more than ten years ago) whose message holds up!Hey friends Some times, when it feels like that old moral arc of the universe is bending at SUCH a slow pace, I remind myself that change has ha…

February 2023

Vivek Ramaswamy isn't going to win the Republican nomination in 2024, but it's worth understanding the faux-anti-corporate pitch he's making to…
WEEKLY COMMUNITY DISCUSSION: What is the kindest thing a neighbor has ever done for you?Hey! It’s late spring snow storm season in the Upper Midwest, which means it’s also late spring “sometimes your neighbor wakes up earlier than y…