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2020: The Year in White People

What is The Barnraisers Project?

Here's the real danger with the “to hell with Trump voters” argument

Placer Gold

What if we made this the new first Thanksgiving?

We can make each other care

How we got here, how we get out

A story of five election nights

Real men put an entire country's public health at risk

Here's why I can't quit y'all

This is the only way this story could have ended

We all deserve something better than this

They grow up so fast...

Everything is awful and we're doing the best we can

That little land mine was me

I actually don't know how to be in community with others

Frienemies of the Pods (Part Two)

It's easy to critique The Help, but why do we keep trying to relive its plot?

Ten thoughts (sort of) about White Fragility

What if everything we have to gain is more beautiful than everything we have to lose...

"You’re the elite… you’re smarter, you’re better looking, you have a better future"

You can't celebrate a freedom holiday if you can't admit that you're not free

When you say you love justice but what you really want is for others to love you

And suddenly, there was a flood of white people talking about racial justice...

No, really. Are you ready to organize with white people for racial justice?

For white people drafting and redrafting the perfect post in the wake of another viral Black tragedy

The Boys Are Back In Town

All the posts and all the hashtags and all the running with Maud won't make the next tragedy any less likely

All the posts and all the hashtags and all the running with Maud won't make the next tragedy any less likely

There are soldiers blocking all roads into Gallup, New Mexico right now

We are so small. The problems we face are so enormous.

Are We Really “In This Together?“

They held an election this Tuesday at the high school gym near my house

When this is all said and done, we can have the society of our dreams or we can protect whiteness...

What I hope my (white, economically secure) kids are learning right now

It is the inconvenient, annoying and scary things that will do the most good

It's Impossible To Learn To Plow From Reading Books

Down in the Valley

Let Us Now Praise Famous Traffic Light Inventors

Chiefs vs. 49ers

Oh I must have killed a million men

A few thoughts about Courtney Everts Mykytyn